Research Highlights

The following is a sample of highlighted research that is being conducted throughout the College of Nursing and Health Professions at Drexel University. Please visit each department's research section for a comprehensive overview and additional studies.

  • Couple and Family Therapy Department

    Attachment Based Family Therapy (ABFT)

    ABFT is the only manualized, empirically informed family therapy model specifically designed to target family and individual processes associated with adolescent suicide and depression. ABFT emerges from interpersonal theories that suggest adolescent depression and suicide can be precipitated, exacerbated or buffered against by the quality of interpersonal relationships in families. It is a trust-based, emotion-focused psychotherapy model that aims to repair interpersonal ruptures and rebuild an emotionally protective, secure-based parent–child relationship.

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  • Creative Arts Therapies Department

    Master’s Students Help Build the Body of Knowledge

    The Creative Arts Therapies department has always challenged graduate students to become what Conrad and Bolyard Millar described in their 1993 study "A Silent Success: Master’s Education in the United States:" scholarly practitioners; students are expected to learn the research process and to defend their work in a formal thesis defense.

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  • Division of Graduate Nursing

    Dr. Roberta Waite: Replicating A Landmark Public Health Study

    In an important public health study conducted in the 1990s, ACE examined a multitude of connections between exposure to childhood adversity (such as physical or emotional trauma) and physical, psychological, social, and employment problems developing later in life. At 11th Street Family Health Services of Drexel University, Dr. Waite explains why she is conducting the first replication of this ACE study.

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  • Interdisciplinary Research

    Helping Kin Cope With Caregiving

    Care for the chronically ill or disabled has always resided in the family. But Western societies increasingly recognize that the role may not come naturally.

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  • Nutrition Sciences Department

    Dr. Jennifer Nasser: New Clues Shed Light on Eating Disorders

    Current estimates are that 65% of the adult population in America is overweight or obese. Bookending the weight continuum, anorexia nervosa is associated with the highest rate of death among mental illnesses.

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