BSN Student Donna Rugh Named 2013 Health Care Hero

May 9, 2013 — Donna RughDonna Rugh, a current student in Drexel University Online’s BSN Program, was recognized by Main Line Today as a “2013 Health Care Hero.” She was acknowledged in an article for leading reform in her department at Bryn Mawr Hospital and for coordinating the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses program there. She provides medical care to the poor all while raising her five children, ages 2-12, and working weekends at the hospital. “It’s not hard,” Rugh told Main Line Today. “What my patients go through is hard. Me? I have great kids, a great husband and a great job. My goal is to earn my doctorate in nursing. It may take me 10 years to do that, but I’ll get there.”  

Rugh was nominated for the award by her mentor, Kathleen McDevitt, who leads the Pain Management and Palliative Care Department at Bryn Mawr Hospital and won the 2010 Nightingale Award in Pennsylvania for advanced Practice Nursing. “She is a true hero to me and has taught me so much. She has taken me under her wing and has guided me down this path that I believe I was destined to take.”

Being chosen as a “Health Care Hero” left Rugh speechless, which she said is very difficult to do. “The vortex of emotions was filled with pride and accomplishment, but also with much gratitude,” she said. Rugh doesn’t do the work that she does for accolades and believes that her patients are the true heroes. They are “patients young and old battling amazing illness and still managing to smile.”

After this semester, Rugh has four more classes to take in order to complete the BSN program at Drexel University Online. She expects to graduate in Winter 2013.