Sheri Silfies

Sheri Silfies


Associate Professor, Research Lab Coordinator

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences Department

267-359-5580 P
267-359-5576 F

1601 Cherry Street, Room 762

Dr. Silfies received her BS in Physical Therapy from The University of Scranton; MS from Indiana University of Pennsylvania; and PhD from the MCP Hahnemann University. She also completed a postdoctoral research fellowship in spine biomechanics and motor control at Yale University’s School of Medicine under the mentorship of Jacek Cholewicki, PhD.

Dr. Silfies teaches in the entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy, post-professional Doctor of Physical Therapy and PhD programs in Department of PT & Rehabilitation Sciences. She also serves as the coordinator of the Department’s research labs.

Dr. Silfies’ research focuses on measurement of neuromuscular control. Her work is concentrated in on two primary areas 1) examining mechanisms underlying poor trunk motor control in patients with non-specific low back pain (NSLBP) and 2) assessment of core control in athletes. Her studies in NSLBP are designed to determine if neural control strategies can be changed by interventions that emphasize trunk neuromuscular control and provide preliminary evidence of a link between hypothesized mechanism and treatment effectiveness. Dr. Silfies’ long-term research goal is to differentiate the role and impact of unresolved impairment in trunk neuromuscular control on the development of recurrent and chronic NSLBP. The current emphasis of studies in athletes is substantiating the proposed link between poor core neuromuscular control and extremity injuries.

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