Undergraduate Nursing

We are the largest private undergraduate nursing program in the state and have a strong commitment to giving individualized attention to each student. Drexel Nursing has had the highest NCLEX pass rates in Pennsylvania in both the Co-operative (Co-op) B.S.N. and Accelerated Career Entry (ACE) pre-licensure programs. All full-time nursing faculty teach undergraduate nursing courses.

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R.N. to B.S.N. Department. >> 
The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program continues the education of registered nurses to prepare them for the rapidly changing health care environment. Students are educated as generalists to meet the needs of vulnerable populations through mastery of new and emerging roles for the professional nurse.  A B.S.N. is awarded at the completion of the program. An R.N.-B.S.N.-M.S.N. option is available for certain tracks in the Division of Graduate Nursing.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing:
Cooperative Education Department - (Co-op). >>

The B.S.N. Co-op Program is a general nursing program that prepares graduates for licensure as registered nurses. Students can choose either a five-year or a four-year track.Our program includes innovative courses and learning experiences that provide the knowledge and skills needed for success as professional nurses in the rapidly changing, increasingly technological, and evidence-driven healthcare environment of today.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing:
Accelerated Career Entry Department - (ACE). >>

Looking for a new career offering personal fulfillment, career advancement, and job stability? Nursing may be the career for you! If you have a bachelor's degree in another field and are interested in earning a bachelor of science in nursing in just 11 months, Drexel University's Accelerated B.S.N. Program may be the perfect option.