Undergraduate Health Professions

Behavioral Health Counseling Dept. >>
The Behavioral Health Counseling curriculum integrates biological, psychological, and social sciences with evidence-based treatment technologies to provide a uniquely relevant education for students interested in careers in behavioral health care. Coursework develops “real-world” skills in individual and group counseling, cognitive-behavioral strategies, assessment and treatment planning, addictions counseling and psychiatric rehabilitation. The optional co-op experience greatly enhances preparation for employment after graduation and for continuing post-baccalaureate and graduate study.

Health Administration Department. >>
The Health Services Administration program prepares students for administrative or managerial positions in the ever-expanding health care industry.

Health Sciences Department. >>
The Pathways to Health Professions program provides a solid foundation for students who will proceed after graduation to post-baccalaureate and graduate programs in the health professions.

Nutrition Sciences Dept. >>
Our program is fortunate to have an enthusiastic and respected faculty committed to sharing their intellectual passion and technical expertise with students. Our undergraduate and graduate students are dedicated and eager to learn the necessary conceptual, technical and communication skills for enjoyable and productive careers.

Radiologic Technology Dept. >>
The Radiologic Technology department educates students through an integrated plan of classroom work and closely supervised clinical practica. Graduates of the programs are fully prepared to be competent and compassionate radiologic health care providers.