Standardized Patient Lab

Center for Interdisciplinary Clinical Simulation and Practice (CICSP): Standardized Patient Lab

Welcome to the College of Nursing and Health Professions Center for Interdisciplinary Clinical Simulation and Practice (CICSP) Standardized Patient Labs. We are proud to offer our students a state of the art interdisciplinary approach to simulation learning using the standardized patient. This simulation lab is located on the 4th Floor, New College Building, 4600 hall.

Reception Area

  • 10 Simulation rooms
  • 1 consultation
  • 9 exam rooms
  • Multidiscipline focus

CICSP Simulation Lab

  • Simulation Suite
  • Class & Debriefing Room
  • Student Check-Iin
  • Observation Room
  • Actor Lounge
  • Control Room

This state-of-the-art lab includes 10 simulation suites, a student class & debriefing room, student check-in, observation room, actors lounge, and control room. Each simulation room is equipped with wall mounted computer stations and digital camera that records audio and digitized video of the simulation. The simulation suites also contain computer stations with Internet access for both the student and standardized patient to access evaluation material and other interactive software. The labs are designed to replicate realistic practice settings with ehanced technology to aid and assist in the student's understanding of various healthcare competencies

Evaluation Tools

  • Wall Mounted Computers.
  • Cameras and Microphones in Simulation Suites.
  • Computers for SP Evaluation in Suites.
  • Overhead Speaker for Simulation Announcements.


The current use of this facility includes:

  • Educational (learning) & evaluative (testing) encounters.
  • 15 minute encounters (communicating bad news, interpersonal communication).
  • 40 minute encounters (patient verbal and physical focused assessment, education).


State-of-the-art Digital Recording System

We have a state-of-the-art digital recording system from Education Management Solutions (EMS) with which we record all SP encounters. The students are then able to observe their patient encounters at a later date as a form of self-evaluation. All projects take place in the evaluation suite which has been designed to simulate a provider’s office. There are patient examination rooms each fully equipped with the necessary healthcare equipment as well as pan/zoom/tilt cameras and microphones.

There is a computer in every exam room on which the SP completes the case checklist using EMS’ performance evaluation software. In addition, there are laptop stations outside of each exam room on which students complete a postencounter exercise based on the patient case. Students may also be asked to order lab tests, view the results, read and interpret EKGs, MRIs, X-rays or examine different types of specimens all on computer. All this is achieved using the performance evaluation application.

Members of the faculty are also present during these projects, observing from the observation room. They then offer feedback to the students during follow-up discussions. This is all done within the controlled and safe environment of our center. As a result, the students feel more comfortable about having had the chance to interview an SP before seeing a real patient. Any mistakes made during the workshop interview are then corrected prior to going out into the field.

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