Blackboard Learning SystemTM is the web-based course management system used by the College of Nursing and Health Professions. Blackboard allows faculty to deliver entire courses online or to supplement traditional on-campus classes with online content. Blackboard enables instructors to provide students with course-related materials, assignments, discussion boards, live classroom, online quizzes, communication features provided by your instructor, and more.

The degree to which Blackboard is used in a course varies. For example, instructors may supplement an on-campus class by putting their syllabus and handouts in their courses. In contrast, other courses may be conducted entirely through Blackboard, without any on-campus sessions. If you are enrolled in a course that uses Blackboard, be sure to find out how Blackboard will be used in that course.

Online Learning Technical Guidelines - Please read – Important Information. (PDF)

24/7 Technical Help

For help with Blackboard Learn, please contact the Drexel Online Learning Team via telephone during business hours at 215-895-1224. From 8:00am-6:00pm, it will be answered by Drexel OLT staff. Outside of that time frame, as well as weekends and holidays, callers will be presented with a choice to press 1 to leave a message for OLT or press 2 to connect with off hours support.

(PLEASE NOTE: this should not replace your normal communication with your instructor when your questions are related to course material and the nature of assignments. Please write to your instructor with these questions).

Faculty Services and Contacts

Faculty should contact Caroline Feenan, Instructional Systems Administrator at for the following services:

  • Blackboard System Technical Issues.
  • Blackboard login help.
  • Blackboard course shell requests.
  • Blackboard copy course requests

Student Enrollment

Students are enrolled into Blackboard courses using registration information from Banner. Students may not be able to see their courses listed or be able to access them until the beginning of the term. If you do not see your courses listed in Blackboard by the first day of class, please contact Caroline Feenan, Instructional Systems Administrator via email at Please have your full name, email ID, course number and section number ready.

PLEASE NOTE: If a student drops a course after the drop/add deadline, it may take time for those changes to be reflected in Blackboard. Please contact your academic advisor to drop a course within the deadline.

Blackboard Email Policy

All students must activate their Drexel email account for use in our online courses. You can activate your email account with Drexel at once you have completed the registration process. Any email you send to your instructors must include your official Drexel name or ID and as part of your email address.

Passwords in Blackboard

Your password in Blackboard will be the same as your DrexelOne email password. For technical help with passwords or DrexelOne, contact the Drexel IRT Help Desk at 215-895-2020.