Drexel University Conference Attendee Testimonials - What are they saying?

Conference Attendee Comments

“Best conference I ever attended!”
Jane Wine, Wheeling, WV

“The practical relevance of the material presented combined with the obvious expertise of the speakers left me wanting even more information at the end of each session.  Unlike some conferences I've attended, break time was definitely not the best part of my day.  Thank you so much!”
Sheila Bennett, Silver Spring, MD

“Well organized, great info.  Thanks for the suturing practice.  Entire weekend conducive for learning!”
Ruqayyah Rivera Colin, Buffalo, NY

“The transdisciplinary approach allowed many perspectives on practice.  Significantly added to the experience.”
Lori Verostick, Johnstown, PA

“The speakers have renewed my inspiration for learning and for advancing my knowledge & career.”
Jennifer Hawkins, MS, PA-C, Egg Harbor Twp., NJ

“Loved the balance between nursing & medicine, all the varied clinical practice examples.  You made me feel welcome and gave me great information & experience.”
Elizabeth Homand,   Falmouth, MA

“Totally comprehensive Colposcopy training.  I came with very limited knowledge about cervical cancer & the colposcopy (procedure?) & feel ready to start mentored coploscopys.  This program will definitely make me more marketable, but more important, will help me meet the needs in my practice in a rural area where colposcopy is often not an option to these patients due to cost & transportation issues.  I cannot say enough good things about the presenters & this program!  Awesome!”
Teresa Ritchie, Bid Springs, WV

“I was totally worried I would be overwhelmed with this information.  Although the class is full of great information I was totally able to understand the concepts & will be able to easily apply to my practice.  Thank you!”
Amy Wootten,   Oceanside, LA

“Very informative, easy to comprehend, colpo slides very helpful & instructors' input & openness to questions”
Margueritte Williams RN/ANP-C, Utica, NY

“The Drexel University colposcopy course was great for a beginner, and will help me provide care to a previously underserved population.  Staff is knowledgeable, helpful & compassionate”
Jessica Hall, Bluefield, VA

“Great learning experience!  Staff very thorough and knowledgeable.”
Brenda Rivera, Fairfax, VA

“The course was really comprehensive, It not only covered technical aspects but professional concepts as well.”
Sharon Schwartz, Philadelphia, PA