Water & Sustainable Land Use

Managing how water travels through aging urban infrastructures is a central environmental problem in many cities. In a number of North American cities, combined sewers handle both everyday wastewater and storm runoff. Problems arise during heavy rainstorms, when the sheer quantities of rainwater can swamp the combined sewers, resulting in overflows (CSOs) that bypass treatment facilities and carry wastewater straight into rivers and streams.

Building bigger pipes is the traditional engineering solution to the problem of urban CSOs, but it does little to address the causes of excessive runoff, and does nothing at all to engage communities in creating greener urban designs. DECI faculty and students are working in cooperation with community members in places like Philadelphia and New York City on infrastructure designs that not only reduce CSOs but also bring green assets to neighborhoods.

And while water is a critical environmental issue in the developed world, it can be a matter of life and death in many developing nations. DECI's work in the city of Leogane in Haiti brings participatory methods to its assessment of post-earthquake water and sanitation status in that city. Working closely with Leogane residents, DECI has facilitated the production of a report outlining Leogane's own priorities for rebuilding hurricane and earthquake damaged water and sanitation infrastructure.


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