Supporting Haitian Infrastructure

October 21, 2010 —


Photo by Alex Proimos

During the past summer, a team of Drexel faculty and staff affiliated with Drexel Engineering Cities Initiative traveled twice to post-earthquake Leogane, Haiti. Professors Franco Montalto, Michael Piasecki, Mimi Sheller, Patrick Gurian, and DECI research coordinator Jen Britton assessed the status of the water and sanitation infrastructure there, and engaged local citizen stakeholders in a process of assembling data about what priorities Leoganais would apply to rebuilding these systems, which include irrigation and drainage canals, household water supply points, and latrines. During the second trip the DECI team organized a consensus-building stakeholder workshop in Leogane to build a water infrastructure planning framework for the city, and they are currently analyzing the results. During this talk, members of the team will discuss what they learned in Haiti and the nature of participatory research, and will share some of the early results and conclusions.

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