Judaic Studies

The Judaic Studies program at Drexel offers an array of undergraduate courses on Jewish history, culture, religion, and politics. The program explores the Jewish experience through time and from a variety of viewpoints. The courses satisfy the elective requirements of many majors, and can be taken as part of the Louis Stein Minor in Judaic Studies.

About the Minor

The Louis Stein Minor in Judaic Studies is designed to give students the opportunity to explore and understand the history, culture, politics, and religion of the Jewish people. Through interdisciplinary coursework and directed field study, students investigate the Jewish experience from both a contemporary and a historical perspective. The program has dedicated itself to three areas: 1) Jewish life in Europe before World War II, 2) intergenerational ethnic education and 3) Israel.

The Louis Stein Minor in Judaic Studies requires 24 credits: 9 from required courses, and 15 from electives. Students can apply a maximum of 6 credits toward the minor from field study under the supervision of the academic advisor.

Judaic Studies Course Offerings: Academic Year 2015-2016 [PDF]
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Judaic Studies Faculty

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Director of Judaic Studies

Rakhmiel Peltz, PhD
Professor of Sociolinguistics
Phone: 215.895.1499 | Office: Library 331