Co-op Opportunities

Drexel University’s nationally recognized cooperative education program (Co-op) combines periods of full-time professional employment with periods of academic study. Co-ops enable students to work for six months at companies where they can apply their coursework and gain hands-on experience in their prospective careers.

The Drexel Co-op is one the nation's oldest, largest and most respected cooperative education programs. Through the University's extensive network, Drexel students can work for more than 1,300 companies in 28 states and 25 international locations.

Domestic Co-op Positions Held by Past IAS Students

  • McCormick Taylor, Inc. (Philadelphia):  Student worked with an engineering firm that oversees transportation  projects on the east coast. She primarily assisted with research.
  • Novartis Pharmaceuticals (Philadelphia):  Student was a business analyst.
  • Duane Morris Law Firm (Philadelphia): Student worked in public relations.
  • Cedar Street Recording Studio (Philadelphia): Student assisted with recording and mixing
  • PJM Interconnection (Norristown):  Student helped document PJM's Physical Security Program using ASIS standards and guidelines, developed a computer forensics lab, researched pandemic preparedness, and proposed a security management web site
  • Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (Philadelphia):  Student worked as an English as a Second Language tutor and taught English to recently resettled immigrants and refugees.
  • International Rescue Committee (Arizona):  Student worked as a microenterprise and financial literacy counselor.
  • United Nations (New York):  The student attended conferences on HIV/AIDS, and Women’s Rights.  She also planned luncheons, and events pertaining to the Millennium Development Goals, and assisted ambassadors on tasks and projects.

International Co-op Positions Held by Past IAS Students

  • Dolphin Bay Preserve (Panama): Student worked on an eco-tourism project, using skills related to marketing and business development, and also led environmental expeditions for foreign travelers.
  • Franklin Templeton (India):  Student worked as a financial analyst.
  • Young & Rubicam (Paris):  Student was an International Accounts Intern, and assisted with creative design. She produced business brochures and videos for the company.
  • Western Cape Network on Violence Against Women (South Africa):  Student served as research assistant and helped plan a Global Fund Peer Education program on the intersection of violence against women and HIV/AIDS for 75 out-of-school girls.

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