About the Center

The Center for Interdisciplinary Programs houses four academic groups: Africana Studies, International Area Studies, Judaic Studies and Women's and Gender Studies. Each program offers a variety of courses and events, and comprises a distinct view of the world.

Africana Studies offers an interdisciplinary examination of the black experience in the Americas, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. The program also concentrates on equity issues and stresses service learning in a wide variety of community-based organizations. The program offers a minor in Africana Studies.

International Area Studies (IAS) is a multidisciplinary program designed to prepare students for the globalized world of the 21st century. Students have countless options for study in various disciplines at Drexel, including language, history, politics, sociology, literature, business, and art. Many students also choose to reinforce their academic work through study abroad opportunities across the globe. The IAS program offers a BA and minor in International Area Studies.

The Judaic Studies program offers an array of undergraduate courses on Jewish history, culture, religion, and politics. The program explores the Jewish experience through time and from a variety of standpoints. Students may pursue a minor in Judaic Studies.

In the Women’s and Gender Studies program at Drexel, students gain an interdisciplinary understanding of the ways in which gender interacts with characteristics such as race, class, ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation. The program offers a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies.