Cumulative Exam Schedule

All examinations will be held on the Saturdays listed below from 10:00 a.m. to noon in the Chemistry Department conference room, Disque 307:

Date Proctor
October 5, 2013  Anthony Addison, PhD
November 2, 2013  J.C. Bradley, PhD
December 7, 2013  Carey Rosenthal, PhD
January 11, 2014  Reinhard Schweitzer-Stenner, PhD
February 1, 2014  Peter DeCarlo, PhD
March 1, 2014  Bryan Wong, PhD
April 5, 2014  Lynn Penn, PhD
May 3, 2014  Joe Foley, PhD
June 7, 2014  Karl Sohlberg, PhD
July 12, 2014  Daniel King, PhD

As noted in the Chemistry Department Graduate Student Handbook, you must pass 5 exams before you fail 6 in order to remain in the chemistry graduate program. 

Special Notes:

Analytical Cumes: Each examination will contain at least one question concerning an Analytical Chemistry Feature Article (previously called A-Page article) from the previous 6 months. These A-page articles appear in the issue dated the 1st of the month; as the cumulative exams are generally the 1st Saturday of the month, the previous 6 months will not include the month of the exam (e.g., for the examination in October the previous 6 months will include articles from April through September). Articles considered fair game are those describing techniques and applications; you will not be examined on literature, conference or book reviews. If you have any questions concerning this please direct them to one of the analytical faculty (Joe Foley, PhD or Kevin G. Owens, PhD).