Professor Frank Ji's Manuscript Accepted for Publication

October 14, 2011 — "High Proton Conductivity of Water Channels in a Highly-Ordered Nanowire" Accepted on Angewandte Chemie Authors: H. Wang, X. Xu, N. Johnson, N. K. R. Dandala, and H. Ji

Abstract: We report a highly conductive material for protons based on a crystalline nanoassembly of trimesic acid and melamine (TMA•M). The nanoassembly is prepared by evaporation of water in TMA•M solutions. Because of the highly ordered structure of the nanoassembly, the water-saturated proton conductivity for the TMA•M nanoassembly is 5.5 S•cm-1, which is the highest proton conductive material to date. This exceptionally high conductivity and low cost may make practical applications feasible for fuel cell devices.

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