Dr. Yen Wei Delivered Invited Lectures on "Nanoporous Materials for Bioscience and Biotechnology"

January 3, 2007 — Dr. Yen Wei, Herman B. Wagner Professor of Polymers and Materials Chemistry and the Director of the Center for Polymers and Materials Chemistry, delivered invited lectures on "Nanoporous Materials for Bioscience and Biotechnology" in the Department of Chemistry at University of Connecticut, Storrs, and on "Nanostructured Materials Platforms for Biocatalysis, Drug Release, Neurological Diseases, Dentistry, and Tissue Engineering" in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Pennsylvania State University, University Park. He also served as invited panelist on NIH study section for "Nanotechnology for dental materials (NIDCR RFA DE-07-005)" in Bethesda, MD.