Dr. Yen Wei Strikes Again

November 11, 2003 — Dr. Yen Wei, Professor of Chemistry, delivered two plenary speeches: "Synthesis of Nanocompsite Materials and their Biological Applications" at the 2003 Chinese National Polymer Symposium in Hang Zhou (Oct. 10, 2003), and "Electroactive Oligomers of Controlled Conjugation Length Towards the Molecular and/or Nano-Scaled Electronics" at the 6th Organic Solid State Electronics Conference in Wuhan, China (Oct. 17, 2003). In addition, he gave four invited talks on nanoscience and biotechnology at South China University of Technology in Guangzhou (a.k.a. Canton), the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, Wuhan University of Science and Technology and Central China University of Technology both in Wuhan, China (Oct. 9-22, 2003). He received a Guest Professorship at Wuhan University. He also gave an invited seminar on "Novel Nano-Materials Based on 1-D, 2-D, 3-D and 'Supra 3-D' Assemblies and Related Biochemistry" at Howard University in Washington DC (Nov. 7, 2003).