Dr. Yen Wei Publishes a New Book

June 3, 2003 — Dr. Yen Wei, Professor of Chemistry, has published a book "Electroactive Polymers for Corrosion Control" (ISBN 0841237905; February 2003), co-edited with Drs. Peter Zarras and John Stenger-Smith, both at Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons in California, published by the American Chemical Society and distributed by the Oxford University Press. Dr. Wei co-authored 4 chapters in the book, presenting recent advancements in protection of metals from corrosion/rusting via a novel electroactive oligomer approach developed at Drexel. Prof. Alan MacDiarmid of University of Pennsylvania, 2000 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, wrote the preface. The book represents the frontier research results on corrosion prevention in the world. It should be noted that Drexel University holds several patents on Dr. Wei's technology related to the corrosion prevention. The latest patent was issued on February 11, 2003, US Patent No. 6,518,394 B2. This is the second book co-edited by Dr. Wei, whose earlier book is entitled "Semiconducting Polymers: Applications, Properties and Synthesis", also published by the American Chemical Society-Oxford University Press (ISBN: 0841236127, August 1999), co-edited with Dr. Bing R. Hsieh of Xerox Corporation."