ChemSketch v5.0 Licence Donated to Department

May 20, 2002 — As detailed in the IRT Technology Update 3.8, Drexel University is the beneficiary of the donation of a site license for ChemSketch v5.0 software from Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. (ACD, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, ChemSketch 5.0 is bundled with ACD/Tautomers, ACD/3D Viewer, ACD/Name (freeware) and the ACD/I-Lab Add-on. This donation is the result of a collaboration between ACD and Dr. Kevin Owens in Drexel’s Chemistry Department. ACD is working to incorporate Dr. Owens’ research groups’ expertise in mass spectral correlation analysis into ACD’s MS Manager software. More information can be found on the ChemSketch information page.