Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry

Five Year Co-op Option

Drexel University has long been known for its co-operative education/internship programs (Drexel Co-op, "The Ultimate Internship"), through which students mix periods of full-time, career-related employment with their studies. This program option features three separate six-month periods of employment interspersed with your studies. After the start of the sophomore year, students study or work through all terms, including summers.

Four Year, No Co-op Option

The chemistry degree can also be completed in four years without co-op/internship employment. Students are not required to pursue studies during any of the summer terms. Students in this non-co-op track may elect to take one six-month period of co-op employment during the spring and summer terms of their junior year. To successfully do this elective courses usually scheduled for the spring term of the junior year need to be taken at another time. The student may take an increased load during other terms on campus or elect to stay on campus and make up courses during the summer between sophomore and junior years. The student is urged to explore this option with their departmental academic advisor as early as possible.

Note: The two co-op options above are the same until the start of the 7th term (the spring quarter of sophomore year), when the five-year co-op students leave on their first co-op cycle. Recommended Plans of Study are linked beneath each description.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Science Degree: 190.5 credits

Recommended Plans of Study

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry: Five Year Co-op or Four Year, No Co-op