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Printing Services

  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Booklets
  • Postcards
  • Course Packs
  • Annual Reports
  • Invitation Packages
  • Digital Color Copies
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Promotional Items
    (post-it notes, pens, mugs, t-shirts etc.)
  • Traditional Black & White Copies
  • Digital Printing
  • A full array of Binding Capabilities
  • Design and Layout Assistance
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Knowledgeable Professionals

Drexel Printing & Mailing Services staff is a knowledgeable team of graphic arts and certified mail professionals. Equipped with state-of-the-art digital capabilities, we are Drexel’s premier source for print production. Whether your project is a black and white handout or a full color annual report, Drexel Printing & Mailing Services can advise on how to get the most from your budget!

Estimates and Price Quote

No matter how large or small, all jobs begin with a detailed discussion regarding the specifications required for a successful product. By targeting your needs, Drexel Printing & Mailing Services will give you an estimate of the cost and best possible turnaround time.


The two most important elements to a successful print job are communication and planning. By working with you to create a schedule, your products will be completed in an efficient manner at the lowest cost.Schedules generally vary from 4 weeks to 3 months depending on information gathering, designing, writing, editing, printing, production, mailing, and time needed to reach the destination.

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In-House Facilities

Now with three locations, Drexel Printing & Mailing Services will produce your job at the site best suited for optimal results. If you need color outputs and a quick turnaround, then the job may go to the PaperChase at Chestnut Square. If the job requires extensive bindery and handwork, then your project would be produced by the home branch of Drexel Printing & Mailing Services on the University City Main Campus. Multiple copies of large books or course packs come from the Drexel Copy Center located on the Center City Hahnemann Campus.

Payment Made Easy!

When you work with Drexel Printing and Mailing Services, the amount of paperwork you have to process and the time you must commit to the project is substantially reduced because it is all done for you! University departments simply supply a valid cost center number, and the charges are debited directly from the cost center.

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Why Use Drexel Printing & Mailing Services?

  • Volume pricing and discounts
  • A committed team of Drexel professionals
  • Print and media production is a very specialized discipline - it is a field that nearly every department at the University depends on, yet has very few experts on staff
  • Consistency and quality


  • Have your file ready and carefully proofread before you bring it in - this will save a great deal of time and money during the formal proofing cycle.
  • Allow plenty of time to do the job in the most cost efficient way. (Sometimes it is more cost effective to run the job on a traditional press rather than through PaperChase)
  • Ask for an estimate.
  • Print on standard size paper without “bleeding” the image off the page.
  • Are you typically reprinting certain jobs several times a year? When possible, anticipate your annual needs for these jobs - it’s less expensive to print a larger quantity as each reprint requires new press set-up charges.
  • If you know you will be using the same publication over a period of time, try to design it so that it can be reprinted without changes being made. Alterations require new film and press plates - depending on the extent of the changes, it can be as expensive as printing a new job.
  • When printing newsletters, bulletins and other periodic publications, consider having “preprints” made. The masthead and title bars may be printed in color and stored. Then the copy can be imprinted in black ink for each issue on a digital copier. This allows for multiple ink colors without paying for it each time a new edition is published and helps speed up the timeline.
  • Using screens is a good way to add dimension and visual interest to your publication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use Drexel Printing & Mailing Services?

There is no mandate from the University to use Drexel Printing & Mailing Services, but if you do, we guarantee the highest quality product for a price you can afford. Drexel Printing & Mailing Services saves you time and money!

What type of work can I get done at Drexel Printing & Mailing Services?

Services include everything from quick copies to full-color printing combined with a variety of finishing and mailing capabilities. This includes all university business cards, letterhead, and envelopes, as well as graphic design, brochures, posters, portfolios, books and more. Drexel Printing & Mailing Services also offer a full range of promotional items such as coffee mugs, pens, lanyards, etc.

When will my job be ready?

Often our clients request their jobs be finished by a certain date. When contemplating a time for your job to be completed, there are several things to take into consideration. How is your job being printed? Offset printing usually takes 5 to 7 days depending on the complexity of the job and the quantity being printed. Jobs produced at PaperChase at Chestnut Square, depending on complexity, can usually be turned around in 24 hours. Items that may add to the turnaround time are binding options that require handwork or specialty jobs that need to be cut, embossed, numbered, or perforated. When you bring in your job please discuss a due date with us and we will make every effort to accommodate your deadline.

What type of file formats do you accept?

For full function printing, we recommend the file be done in a page layout programs such as Quark Xpress, Adobe Pagemaker or In-Design – these programs allow for either single page or multiple page complicated books. Please do not use Microsoft Office software for layout if you are planning to have it printed on a press.

What is the problem with using Microsoft software to do my design?

Microsoft Office programs are great for word processing or spreadsheets, but they were not created for use as a design layout program - Word, Publisher, Excel, and PowerPoint often have problems re-wrapping text and substituting fonts; in turn, this adds composition time which adds expense.

My graphics are embedded, so why do I need to include them separately?

A common misconception is that graphics are embedded in publications. Although you can see them on the screen and in the document, it does not mean that the actual file is included on your disk. In order to ensure that the publication’s graphics print properly, always include image files separately on the disk.

Why do my graphics look so “blocky”?

This blocky appearance is known as “pixilation.” Often when graphics/images are pulled from web pages or copied out of other digital publications the resolution is set too low for printing. When considering the use of Internet graphics for your printed work, take a few things into consideration: to ensure the publication looks its best, it is worth the time and effort to locate the original image or find another suitable graphic. When using graphics for print work, it is always a good idea to have them scanned at 300 dpi or higher which will prevent your graphics from becoming pixilated. Another reason for pixilated or fuzzy graphics is that the “link” to them has been lost in the layout software, this will happen if you do not send your graphics along with your publication - when opened on a different computer from the one in which it was created, the document only has an “idea” of what the images looked like and may distort the original.

How much will my job cost?

This question is always important! When it comes to costs, there are several items that must be taken into account. To get the most accurate estimate for your job, be specific and provide as much information as possible; we will then review job specifications and make suggestions that can help you keep costs down while still producing the quality piece you desire.