Why Drexel?

Since the program's inception in 2001, annual NCLEX pass rates have been between 97-99%. ACE students are recruited heavily by hospitals and many students obtain employment in renowned teaching hospitals in speciality areas such as the emergency room and intensive care units upon graduation. Many ACE graduates begin matriculating in graduate school within 2-3 years of earning their BSN.

Drexel's BSN Co-op Program is one of only three nursing programs in the United States utilizing co-operative model of nursing education which complements theory and clinical coursework with hands-on work experience in a variety of healthcare settings.

Why Drexel's Undergraduate Nursing?

  • 6-18 months of co-op work experience gives BSN Co-Op graduates an advantage in securing employment upon graduation and facilitates the transition into a wide variety of professional nursing roles.
  • At 11-months in length Drexel's ACE is the shortest accelerated BSN program in the country.
  • Specialty courses that uniquely prepare students for the demands of current nursing practice (i.e. Contemporary Gerontolologic Nursing; Nursing Informatics).
  • Capstone courses that intensively prepares students for the professional licensure exam (NCLEX) using a variety of methods including NCLEX prep courses and various NCLEX prep testing materials; a Standardized Patient Laboratory Experience; and a review of key clinical skills learned during the program.

Academic and clinical support with tutorial and skills services are available to all undergraduate nursing students, such as:

  • Test preparation for specific classes.
  • Skills practice and demonstration.
  • Organization for the clinical experience.
  • Clinical remediation¬†is available to all undergraduate nursing students.
Drexel University honored in U.S. News, America's Best Colleges 2010