"Drexel worth every penny" 

—Sara Bakerman, graduate of Drexel's BSN Co-op program.

Smiling female nurse in patient room

Drexel's co-op program did a fantastic job preparing me to be a nurse. I think the first and most important aspect of the Drexel nursing program is the hands on experience I had from the very beginning of the program. I see other new grads that I work with struggling to figure out basic skills that I've had a handle on since my second co-op. I also have seen a lot of peers go to a traditional nursing program and change majors because they simply lost interest as they got caught up in the two years worth of pre-requisite general education classes.

The second thing that makes the co-op program stand out compared to other schools is that I have lived 'in the real world' for the past five years. Graduation did not come as a shock to me as it did for my colleagues who attended other nursing programs! I was already accustomed to working 12 hour shifts, switching back and forth from days to nights, and just generally understanding the politics of the day to day hospital environment that you simply can't glean during a typical clinical in a typical nursing program.

Another standout is the stellar resume that I graduated with and the practically guaranteed employment at the institution where I had done my co-op's. In the economic times we are facing, this alone makes Drexel worth every penny!


The most enjoyable aspect of nursing is ...

"The most enjoyable aspect of nursing is personal fulfillment when you achieve your goals and connect with other people. You will not only be face to face with your own limits, but in time you will exceed them."

—Brian Aquino

"I never knew there was so much you had to know. The patients and their families are so grateful for all the things you do. It's a great feeling to know you made a difference."

—Annielette Manuel

"I always say to people, nursing chose me! Nursing school exceeded my expectations. What I get most excited about are the never-ending opportunities to witness something new."

—Deidre Grant