A program to suit every need.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing: The Co-op Experience

The B.S.N. Co-op Department is a general nursing program that prepares graduates for licensure as registered nurses. Students can choose either a five-year or a four-year track.

Our program includes innovative courses and learning experiences that provide the knowledge and skills needed for success as professional nurses in the rapidly changing, increasingly technological, and evidence-driven healthcare environment of today.

Drexel's co-operative education is key in graduating prepared and innovative nurses.

Instruction integrates science, humanities, nursing knowledge, and nursing skills through:

  • The Clinical Learning Resource Center.
  • Center for Interdisciplinary Clinical Simulation and Practice.
  • Classroom and clinical experiences in all nursing specialties.
  • Integrated co-operative employment opportunities in healthcare and nursing settings.


Clinical experiences allow you to have faculty-guided experiences caring for patients across the lifespan and the health continuum.


Co-operative experiences give you a competitive edge. You will enhance your exposure to nursing and patient care, while gaining an opportunity for paid employment and professional growth. 

A program to suit every need and educational experience. 

  • Students choosing the five-year track option are required to complete three co-op work experiences; students choosing the four-year track are required to complete one co-op work experience.
  • Students transferring into the B.S.N. Co-op Program from another institution can expect to complete the program in either three or four years. 
  • Students accepted to the program with these prerequisites completed (Anatomy I and II with labs, General Chemistry I and II with labs, Microbiology with lab, English I and II, General Psychology, College Algebra) will begin the program at the second-year clinical level and can complete the degree requirements in a minimum of three years.