Additional FAQs from Drexel Students

student at laptop with virtual instructorIs the purchase of e-books mandatory?

Purchase of nursing texts in the e-book format is mandatory for the following groups of students beginning in fall quarter 2009:

  • All incoming ACE students
  • All second-year and transfer BSN Co-Op nursing students enrolled in NURS 200: Principles of Nursing Practice in the 2010-11 fall term
  • All BSN Co-Op Freshmen nursing students

The e-books bundle will cover all of your nursing courses for the entire nursing program.

What is the deadline for purchasing my e-books?

All students in ACE and BSN Co-Op programs who are enrolled in the clinical nursing course sequence (NURS200) in fall quarter must purchase, download and install e-books to your personal computer no later than Friday, September 17, 2010 to give you some time to review them before classes begin. Classes for the 2010-11 fall term begins on Monday, September 20th. 

Freshman BSN C0-Op Students: must purchase, download and install e-books to your personal computer no later than Friday, December 31, 2010. The “Calculate with Confidence” e-book will be used in your winter term math course. Winter term begins on Monday, January 4th.

All students in ACE and BSN Co-Op programs who are enrolled in the clinical nursing course sequence (NURS200) in the spring quarter must purchase, download and install e-books to your personal computer no later than Friday, March 25, 2011  to give you some time to review them before classes begin. The spring term begins Monday March 28th.

Which e-books do I need to purchase?

Nursing students enrolling in NURS 200: Principles of Nursing Practice during the 2010-2011 academic year need to purchase the following e-book bundles at   

  • Fall10 BSN eBook bundle (2 part package - required).
  • Fall10 BSN Study Guide bundle (optional, but strongly recommended).

What are the benefits to having textbooks available in an electronic format?

There are several benefits for having your books available in an electronic format.

  • The books are inter-connected so you can easily search for specific information and all related content across all books will be displayed
  • You can highlight passages within the textbooks and add notes to specific content areas. The highlighted passages and notes can be exported to your iPod Touch for focused studying or shared with other students in your study group using another free iTunes app called ‘Notes’.
  • Faculty can share highlighted important topics and notes with you to guide your reading and preparation for examinations.
  • Added features of the electronic format help to make content “alive” and easier to understand than traditional text-only books.

Will I have to purchase the iPod Touch prior to ordering the e-books?

No. Do not purchase the iPod Touch prior to downloading the e-books. An iPod Touch is provided to you when you enroll into the INFO 204 at the start of the clinical nursing course sequence of the curriculum.

Do I need a laptop computer to be able to access the e-books?

No, a laptop is not required but having a laptop will make your entire library of eBooks readily available ‘offline’ in all settings because you will not need to have internet access to view the content.  So, for example, you will be able to read content, make and view notes and highlights, create and modify study guides easily while commuting on the train, sitting in lecture, or in a shady spot in the park.

Are the e-books compatible with any sort of electronic sort of electronic reading device (such as an iPhone or Kindle?

The Elsevier eBooks are downloadable onto your personal laptop (or other personal computer). Once downloaded to one of these devices, the eBooks are accessible on an iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone using either the device’s browser or a free full reader (Bookshelf) application (‘app’) available from Apple’s iTunes Store.  The full reader application allows for ‘offline’ access with the smaller devices.  An important feature of the eBooks is that they are designed to be fully scalable to permit optimal viewing on small mobile devices.  Your personal eBook library (once downloaded and installed to your personal computer) will also be fully accessible from any public computer so you can easily access your books from one of the many computers available on campus.  

The eBook content is not currently available on any electronic reading device such as the Android and other tablet/slate devices. This feature should be available sometime in the near future but will only be available on devices with an operating system from Windows or Mac.  Amazon’s Kindle is a proprietary operating system and will likely not be compatible with Elsevier’s eBooks.

I’m used to studying from textbooks, is print version of the materials available?

While there will be some transition to utilizing electronic books, the added features  and capabilities of the e-book library will more than offset the short-term learning curve.  Sections from the electronic books can also be downloaded to a printer if you need a hard-copy of specific topics to complement the rich resources available in the electronic platform.

Is the cost of the e-books built into my tuition?

No, the cost of purchasing textbooks (including e-books) and supplies is in addition to your Drexel Tuition.  In addition, purchase of the electronic nursing text bundles enables you to receive a 30% discount over the costs associated with buying hard copy of each of these texts separately.  

Financing for the e-books is the same as budgeting additional funds for traditional textbooks.  The cost of the e-book bundles has already been built into the calculations used to determine your financial aid package.  Consequently you can use loan monies towards the purchase of the electronic textbooks. Any questions about additional loans or financing for books can be answered by Drexel’s Financial Aid Office at 215-895-2537 or online at the following link:

Will I need to purchase additional textbooks?  

Yes, the e-book package at this time is limited to your nursing texts.  Books for other courses taken at Drexel will need to be purchased separately.  However, texts used in other courses may also be available in an electronic format. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain information and access to books used in non-nursing courses. 

What happens if a new edition of a book comes out after I have purchased my books?

You will receive a free update of any book in the nursing e-book bundle published during your time at Drexel.  If you were buying hard copy of your nursing textbooks, you would have to purchase a new edition every time an update was published. With e-books, the edition updates automatically. And, since you have already paid for the books, there is no additional cost to you.

How long will I have access to my e-books after I leave Drexel?

You will have access to your library as it exists even after you leave Drexel. However, when books go out of print, the e-book will only be available for an additional 3 years. You will access to your library as it exists when you leave Drexel for 3 years after a book goes out of print.

What if my computer crashes?

You will need to give a call to customer support at 800-401-9962.  Customer support with disable your old account and give you a new one.

What if I have trouble purchasing, downloading or installing my e-books?

Elsevier eBook Contact Information Evolve Tech Support – 800-401-9962 Sales / Ordering Support – Stephanie Martin    856-829-7228 or 609-332-3927 To Order Online –