DrEAMS: Doctor Early Admission to Medical School

Drexel's College of Arts and Sciences' DrEAMS program is an invitation-only preparatory program for students wishing to apply to Drexel College of Medicine's (DUCOM) Early Assurance Program. Eligible students will have completed their freshman year in Drexel’s College of Arts and Sciences; will have a minimum cumulative and science GPA of 3.5; will be enrolled in a four-year co-op or non co-op program; and will have taken at least four Drexel pre-med (or equivalent level) science classes.

If invited to apply to DrEAMS, students must submit a short essay and a reference from a professor and/or lab instructor. Students must also be willing to commit to healthcare volunteerism and community service and to apply to DUCOM's Early Assurance Program.

DrEAMS' students will have access to a pre-med related speaker series, an on-campus reduced rate MCAT course, small group workshops on interviewing for medical school, and individual interview coaching.

For more information, please contact CoAS Assistant Dean Jennifer Rubin at or 215.895.1805.