Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Science

The biological sciences encompass many fields. Biologists study the structure and functions of living organisms, from the individual cell to the whole organism and communities. In the past three decades, advances in molecular biology and genetics have been rapid, opening many new, exciting career opportunities in the fields of biotechnology and genetic engineering. Biology graduates can pursue a variety of options including graduate and professional school in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and other health-related areas, as well as careers in research or commercial laboratories, private and government agencies, and in teaching. In fact, over 100 different occupations have been listed for biologists.

The Department of Biology recognizes and embraces advancements in the field and has created a number of concentrations to best prepare students for careers and graduate study. Upon graduation, students will receive a degree reflecting their specific concentration.


General Requirements

Degree Requirements: Bachelor of Science: 182.5 credits