PhD in Biological Science

The PhD in Biological Science is the terminal degree for students who wish to eventually pursue a leadership role in academic, governmental or industrial settings. To take on these roles, it is essential that each student has an advanced understanding of subjects related to their specialty. The core curriculum during the first year of study provides a strong background in the advanced concepts of relevant disciplines. In addition, readings and research methods provide students with the critical reading and writing skills required for the PhD candidacy examination. The second year provides a range of more advanced and specialized topics as elective courses. This core sequence is reviewed by individual Research Committees, once they are constituted, so that they can recommend specific courses based on each student’s background and needs. Drexel University College of Medicine classes may be taken as electives with the approval of the Research Committee.

General Requirements

Students are required to complete a total of 90 credits for degree completion. In accordance with university policy, the student’s Dissertation Research Committee will determine the specific number of courses and research credits required for each student. At the end of the first or second year, students will take the PhD candidacy examination to become a doctoral candidate. After successful completion of the candidacy examination, students will devote their efforts to the completion of an original research project. The results of the student’s research are expected to be published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The student’s faculty advisor and Dissertation Research Committee guide progress towards these degree requirements.

Mileposts in the PhD Program

  • Rotations: In some cases, students can complete laboratory rotations to identify a PhD mentor. When applying, potential PhD students should clearly indicate faculty members whose research interests align with their own. If rotations are undertaken, they will begin their first laboratory rotation by the second week of the Fall quarter and their second laboratory rotation by the second week of the Winter quarter. Rotations are usually completed by the end of the Winter quarter.
  • Pre-candidacy research performance: Prior to their PhD candidacy exam, first and second year graduate students are expected to meet quarterly with their research advisors to discuss their overall research performance and goals. PhD grad students and their advisors are expected to complete a research performance evaluation form (below) at the end of each term.
  • Dissertation Advisor: Students should identify a Dissertation Advisor as soon as possible. The Advisor should agree to mentor the student by the beginning of the Spring quarter.
  • Committee: The Dissertation Research Committee should be constituted by the end of the first year.
  • Coursework: Required Coursework must be completed within the first two years of study.
  • Candidacy Exam: The Candidacy Examination must be successfully completed by the end of Winter term of the second year for post-baccalaureate students and by the end of first year for post-MS students.
  • Dissertation: It is anticipated that each PhD student will complete their dissertation defense within 5 years. Drexel University requires that the dissertation be finished within 7 years.
  • Forms: All PhD forms may be obtained at Drexel's Office of Graduate Studies.


Degree Requirements

Course Descriptions

Biology Graduate Student Handbook (PDF)

Precandidacy Research Evaluation Form (PDF)

For information on course scheduling or waiving specific course requirements, please contact the graduate advisor:

Kathleen Pelusi