The Department of Biology offers Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Biological Science. The intellectual life of the Department relies heavily on the participation, creativity, and energy of graduate students. Thus, the Department expects students to be vigorously involved in coursework, seminars, journal clubs, research, informal discussions, and other departmental functions.

Curricula in the graduate programs are designed to provide a sound professional education, encompassing factual and theoretical concepts, as well as basic research skills and training. Students may create an individualized curriculum with consultation and permission from their Research Committee and the Graduate Program Committee. Regardless of the curricula, graduate students must demonstrate mastery of curricular subjects via oral and/or written examinations.

Graduate Degrees


To encourage intellectual inquiry, the Department hosts several seminar series. All PhD students are required to attend both of these seminar series.

The weekly Departmental Seminar Series brings in guest speakers to present on current research and topics in the fields of biological and environmental science. Part of the speaker’s day includes a casual lunch meeting with graduate students.

The weekly Graduate Student Research Seminar provides an opportunity for all PhD students to present their research to peers, undergraduates engaged in research, and faculty.

Biology Graduate Student Association

The Biology Graduate Student Association provides a forum for information exchange between graduate students, faculty, and the administration. As one of the most active graduate student associations on campus, the BGSA’s mission is to elevate the academic experience of biology graduate students by maintaining an active social environment among existing, new, and prospective graduate students.

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