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Department of Behavioral Health Counseling

 "I can't say enough about how the program prepared me to work in addictions. I am now working at Malvern Institute. I've been there about six months, and I'm the evening and night shift clinical supervisor. I've been able to meet every challenge thanks to Drexel's program. I was one of the few counselors who was already familiar with bio-psychosocial and multi-disciplinary assessments, group process, different counseling techniques, and psycho-pharmacology, just to name a few. You said from the very beginning that when we graduated we would be able to hit the ground running, and you were absolutely right! I'm in my second year of graduate school at Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, and I feel I have a definite edge because of Drexel's program."

—Barb Gibbons '05.


"Drexel's Behavioral Health Counseling Program prepared me to further my career in the mental health field. I was able, within weeks of graduation, to secure a position as a family-based therapist, and my education at Drexel provided me with experience or competency in every aspect of my job. My supervisor is amazed at the wealth of knowledge I had coming into the position. On a daily basis, I interact with consumers, school staff, and other professionals in the field. The instructors I had in the BHC Program gave me the information I needed to go into almost any situation, and I feel confident I can handle anything required of me."

—Sandra Frey '05.