Stories—Bachelor's Full-Time Program

Department of Behavioral Health Counseling

"The Behavioral Health track with a focus on addictions has been invaluable for me as a working professional. It allowed me to hit the ground running in young woman and old womanthe field with actual clinical skills. I quickly became a valuable asset to my clients and my supervisors because I had a working knowledge of clinical approaches such as motivational interviewing, group therapy, and even cognitive behavioral therapy. And now that I am in graduate school, I realize how much my program was ahead of its time and really set me up for success at the graduate level. When considering my coursework and class discussions in grad school, I often think, 'Wow, this is exactly like my undergrad program.'"

 —Rocco DiCicco '05.


"I believe this program has helped me tremendously in obtaining the jobs that I have as a counselor. The program prepared me in so many ways and has enabled me to work effectively with mental health patients, as well as function well within my agency and bring fresh innovative approaches to working with our clients."

—Torri Jackson '07.


"My studies in the Behavioral Health Counseling Program have helped me in my work as a therapist and counselor with my clients due to the emphasis upon therapeutic treatment modalities. Even though I am now in a graduate program, the truly important aspects of developing a therapeutic alliance with my clients were taught in my program at Drexel."

—Vivian William '06.