Academic Requirements - Addictions Counseling Minor

Department of Behavioral Health Counseling

The minor requires completion of 24 credits, comprised of 15 credits in five required courses and nine credits in three courses selected from a list of 10 electives. Students may elect to begin coursework in this minor at any point in their undergraduate education. It is strongly suggested that students pursuing this minor consult with faculty in the Behavioral Health Counseling Program for advice in selecting electives that will best meet their goals in this minor.

Information on the following required courses can be found on the Undergraduate Course Descriptions page:

• BACS 220 Theory and Practice of Counseling
• BACS 234 Introduction to Addictive Disorders
• BACS 304 Cognitive-Behavioral Counseling I
• BACS 310 Recovery and Relapse Prevention Methods

Students select a minimum of three courses from the following list of electives, which can be view on the Undergraduate Course Descriptions page:

• BACS 232 WI Ethics and Professional Responsibility
• BACS 255 Multicultural Counseling Perspectives
• BACS 301 Group Counseling I
• BACS 312 Case Management Methods
• BACS 325 Psychopharmacology for Counselors
• BACS 368 Addictions Counseling with Special Populations
• BACS 370 Gambling Addictions
• BACS 401 Assessment and Treatment Planning
• BACS 412 Group Counseling II
• BACS 414 Co-occurring Disorders