Research Opportunities

Students in the Department of Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science will participate in extensive field experiences due to the diverse activities of researchers at Drexel and at the Academy’s Patrick Center for Environmental Research and Center for Systematic Biology and Evolution. These experiences will include field courses as well as research opportunities, both locally and internationally.

Faculty and scientists in the Department are engaged in research programs around the globe, including Bioko Island, Costa Rica, Argentina, Upper Mongolia, and more. Locally, the Department’s Barnegat Bay field station provides opportunities for biological surveys and estuary studies of over 180 acres of diverse coastal habitat, from maritime forests and tidal creeks to upland pine-oak forests and a sandy beach. The department’s Inversand and Red Fossil field sites offer unique opportunities for geoscience research. Importantly, students also learn to effectively communicate their research and environmental issues to the public, thus becoming important spokespeople for the environment and leaders in their field.