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All I Really Need to Know I Learned at Drexel ...
1"Drexel's learn-by-doing focus fosters an entrepreneurial spirit within students, whether it means creative problem solving to meet the tight deadlines inherent in 10-week terms, or working to find your own Co-op outside the traditional system. Drexel taught me to not take 'no' for an answer and to find a way to meet your goals despite obstacles."
– Katie Reilly, Music Industry, MBA '11
2"First day in new employment – write your letter of resignation. It will be written without emotional content and reflect your reason for being a positive employee. Also will remind you of pursuing further career interests."
– Nancy Scheller Hays, Creative Arts Therapy '83
3"It is all about the 'craft'."
– Elizabeth Nolin Pickett, Interior Design '81
4"It is ok to make mistakes; there is no better way to learn."
– Alyssa Thorsen, Communications, Hotel and Restaurant Management '08
5"Keep a cool head and always look to creatively problem solve. Drop your 3.5-inch floppy with tonight's homework in a puddle? No problem. Put it in a vacuum oven for the afternoon (keep T low)! Hmm, I wonder if that works with a flash drive. Let me know."
– Mark Richmond, Environmental Engineering '97
6"Buy textbooks online well before class starts."
– Dan Moyer, Information Science and Technology '06
7"In life you will fall down, if you can look up, push up and get up! Don't quit, you will achieve."
– Carvon Johnson, Commerce and Engineering '85, Engineering Management '88
8"Company sponsored higher education is sensational."
– Nat Kobitz, Engineering Management '62
9"I paid for the first four years of my education with two partial scholarships and a loan. I was able to save enough from my Co-op assignments to pay for my fifth year and also to repay the loan."
– Stephen Hanan, Math '69
10"I so clearly remember being in (then) Convention Hall for commencement, reminiscing on my years at Drexel and thinking, 'I've learned that there is still so much to learn.'"
– Marlene Mattera Bruno, Design and Merchandising '72
11"I learned the value of teamwork by meeting with fellow commuters on Saturdays to do homework and study for tests."
– Aris Pasles, Mechanical Engineering '62, '65, Engineering Management '81
12"Don't look left, don't look right, don't look up, don't look down, and especially don't look back...keep looking forward and you will always achieve."
– Robert Bichefsky, Electrical Engineering '85
13"Everyone has positive characteristics that can be enhances on the job. Support those characteristics and you will find a more productive work atmosphere and happier employees and colleagues."
– Nancy Scheller Hays, Creative Arts Therapy '83
14"I learned about management styles and office (work) politics and how to survive in this environment."
– Teresa Calabrese Cartularo, Library and Information Science '81
15"I learned the power of giving back, having served as a member of The iSchool Alumni Association, serving as member at large, and as president."
– Jacquelyn Bryant, Library and Information Science '95
16"You get out of it what you put into it."
– Clarence Hoop, Mathematics '71
17"There's always room for improvement!"
– Erica Leeds Antoine, Civil and Architectural Engineering '09
18"Time moves on with or without you, just try to keep moving forward even after hitting bumps, hurdles, walls and ceilings. You can do it!"
– Carvon Johnson, Commerce and Engineering '85, Engineering Management '88
19"No matter how contentious fraternity meetings became, the 'good of the chapter' at the end provided an opportunity for bipartisanship."
– Joe Mullen, Management '81
20"Value the friendships you have! As you get older and drift further and further away from your undergraduate studies, you'll encounter folks less likely to have endured such rigorous post-secondary education trials (as we have lived by attending Drexel). Don't despair! Smart people attract ALL people and you will soon find yourself the center of attention or even envied."
– Matthew Beach, Arranging, Composition and Audio Technology '93
21"Life is short! Study and work smart, not hard!"
– Oleg Bulshteyn, Business Administration '08
22"You don't have to be the best; you just have to keep going."
– Ross Snyder, Mathematics '04
23"You are never too old for online classes!"
– Nancy Niggel, Library and Information Science '12
24"My Drexel life lesson consists of what it means to truly understand discipline and, ironically, how freeing it can be. As an online student pursuing my master's degree in the science of instruction/education, I experienced a very different learning experience through the online learning format. It required me to be disciplined, to carve out the time in my life and my day to get my school work done, and most importantly, to make my life happenings fit into my new school schedule. While I learned so very much from my degree program at Drexel, I was also very lucky to learn how being disciplined where my school work was concerned could free my mind to explore other topics for consideration in my courses. Furthermore, I was less stressed and more able to apply my school lessons to my daily life. The integration of these things was – and continues to be - truly rewarding. I continue to be disciplined in my life, in an effort to free my mind and my schedule, and to make room for the little joys in life that are so often missed. Thank you, Drexel, for such a genuine learning experience that I can take with me outside the virtual classroom!"
– Lauron Medley Dott, Science of Instruction '07
25"What I learned was that there are more ways to teach the same material. If one teacher confuses you, seek out another, or another way to understand the material."
– Barbara Bonner, Business Management '88
26"No matter how hard you study, there will be at least one test that you just don't pass. Don't be frustrated, life is full of tests. It's up to you to choose how to take the results."
– Rachel Back, Mechanical Engineering '11
27"I found my voice and learned to ask questions. I get a thrill when someone says, 'Nobody ever asked me that before.'"
– Nana Goldberg DeLia, Design and Merchandising '78
28"Your education just begins after graduation."
– Michael Conti, Nursing '00, Nursing Anesthesia '03
29"Be adaptable. Accept new technology with an open mind."
– Susan Agent, Library and Information Science '84
30"A famous quote came true: 'Do not limit your challenges, challenge your limits.'"
– Rich Blumberg, Marketing '84
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