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All I Really Need to Know I Learned at Drexel ...
1"From Professor Murdock (engineering instructor): You can't push on a rope."
– Larry Cautilli, Mechanical Engineering '70
2"What do many people on the world call Drexel graduates? Boss!"
– John McHale, Mechanical Engineering '62
3"Co-op rocks!"
– Bill Luther, Electrical Engineering '63, '67
4"Drexel education prepares you for life involvement – leadership, management, personal skills, and character development."
– Carolyn Gibson McHale, Biological Science '65
5"My experience from Drexel enabled me to pursue both mathematics and library sciences."
– Rochelle Millman Noll '69
6"Be prepared to change jobs and even change career paths in your 50 years of employment."
– Jeanette Gernert Leuchak, Home Economics '49
7"My education in engineering served me very well in my career. All bases were thoroughly covered."
– Walter Leuchak, Chemical Engineering '48
8"Be considerate of everyone you meet in life, courtesy always pays off."
– Joseph Browne, Electrical Engineering '60
9"Every day is a dream come true."
– Michael Katzaman, Business Administration '78
10"The environment of the city and the heterogeneous population were also a valuable part of the Drexel education."
– Brenda Keller, Home Economics '72
11 "The Co-op program is worth its weight in gold. My first Co-op hired me fulltime before I had even graduated. I wouldn't be where I am today without that experience!"
– Katrina Beach, Global Journalism '05
12"Everyone has a story. Learn others' and share yours."
– Christopher Young, Entrepreneurship, MBA '11
13"Be open to help any alum or student – someday you may need them."
– Jackie Taylor McClure, Marketing '87
14"Join a professional organization as soon as you can and GET INVOLVED (on a committee, on the Board, etc.)"
– Michael Magruder, Business Administration '84
15"The time between terms is time to breathe and catch your breath."
– Robert Bichefsky, Electrical Engineering '85
16"Along with an education, my experience at Drexel exposed me to cultural events and pride when it became a university."
– Barbara Cundey Leer, Home Economics '61
17"There is no life experience stress like Drexel senior final exam and project stress!"
– Serena Wilson-Archie, Civil Engineering '00
18"Learn to adapt to all situations and teach for success!"
– Sarah Light Glaum, Home Economics '46
19"When you live by rules, stand by them and you'll be a first class cataloger."
– Jane Burke Lego, Library Science '65
20"Lateral thinking coupled with cross-disciplinary knowledge pushes you above the competition. Do not follow the crowd."
– Udantha Abeyratne, Biomedical Engineering '96
21"College is not about learning information; it's learning where and how to find the information faster than the guy next to you."
– Lindsay Fenton Kaub, Mechanical Engineering '08
22"Time spent in the classroom and studying is important; but time spent developing friendships and supporting your friends is time spent you will never forget, and memories that will stay with you forever."
– Ellie Austin, Law '11
23"Online Masters programs are not for the faint of heart! But if you can get through the challenge, you'll be ready to take on the world."
– Kaleena Rodriguez, Human Resource Development '10
24"Real life and practical experience are what actually creates who we become."
– Maria Spadafora Marcolina, Accounting '84
25"We blend with people of the same culture. As a Filipino I have kept my Spanish speaking friends for so long and the net made the world smaller."
– Lot Hilvano, Interior Design '96
26"I have used every course I took at Drexel University and applied it in real time. Thus, the Bachelor of Science degree curriculum is well planned and taught by great professors."
– Audrey Rose, Business Administration '07
27"Being a Co-op student taught you things that you can never learn in a classroom."
– Jerome Sirken, Electrical Engineering '58, '68
28"I learned the art of balance. Balancing academics (the first priority) with maturing, as I learned new things, and finally leadership, as I blended the first two."
– Lawrence Wasser, Commerce and Engineering '79
29"You only get out of a class what you put into it. And you don't get anything if you don't ask."
– Rose Giordano, Biomedical Science '01
30"It was said that in order to obtain a degree from Drexel, each student would develop and perfect particular academic traits. Those traits would serve as strong suits in your professional pursuits. I have found that to be tried and true."
– Melvin Holmes, Accounting '79
31"It is imperative that you learn to work as a team with anyone, because in the real world you do not always get to select your partners."
– Renee Levine, Biomedical Engineering '09
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