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11th Street Family Health Services: Community Involvement

The health center’s logo reflects it’s the ongoing commitment to provide services driven by community need and desires.

The over-arching structure that guides all of the Health Center’s programs within the 11th Street Corridor is the Partnership for Community Based Care (PCBC).  The PCBC was developed in 1998 and is a collaborative effort between the Health Center and the residents of the 11th Street Corridor in cooperation with local schools, churches and relevant community groups and agencies.  A vital component of the PCBC is the Community Advisory Board of the Health Center, which meets quarterly to advise the Center’s staff on programs and provides community feedback on existing and future services.  For 10 years, the Advisory Board has provided coordination between the community and the Health Center to plan programs and services and it was instrumental in the planning, design, and layout of the new Center

Three members of the Advisory Board represent the 11th Street community on the Family Practice & Counseling Network’s Advisory Board.

 The Center also has a Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) comprised of eleven 9th-12th graders who are enrolled in the Health Academy at William Penn High School.  The YAC assists the Health Center’s staff in developing programs for adolescents and outreach materials for teens.